Friday, June 7, 2019

EURUSD 67 pips & USDCHF 41 pips Fluid EA

Two more trades done well by the Fluid EA, one on the EURUSD chart and the other one on the USDCHF chart. More than 100 pips altogether, although I wouldn't normally trade on the same or opposite pairs. It was a double bet.
EURUSD 67 pips & USDCHF 41 pips Fluid EA
How to trade with the trend
EURUSD 67 pips & USDCHF 41 pips Fluid EA
How to trade with the trend

USDCAD 107 pips (Fluid EA)

Trading with the trend on a renko USDCAD chart. Renko brick size 10 pips, EA used Fluid.
USDCAD 107 pips (Fluid EA)
How to trade with the trend

Thursday, June 6, 2019

EURUSD 40 pips (Fluid EA)

Got about 40 pips in this easy trade. EurUsd in in uptrend, so the Fluid EA entered a buy and closed it when the renko bar changed color again. A good example of how to trade with the trend.
Fluid EURUSD 40 pips
How to trade with the trend on renko charts

Sunday, June 2, 2019


We continue to upgrade our websites for speed, and work at is almost done. This is our first AMP friendly website. Visit it and let us know if everything functions properly.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

How to tell you have a dishonest or unprofessional broker?

I've had these email conversations with a client recently. He is using our Auto Recovery EA and told us that the expert advisor opened 2 hedging trades instead of one, as it is supposed to do. This is a singular case and at first I've blamed the use of a VPS. Obviously, if the EA is running on 2 machines (ie personal PC and VPS), they might both trade the same time. This might still be the case, as far as we know.
How to tell you have a dishonest or unprofessional broker?
How to tell you have a dishonest or unprofessional broker?
Anyway, I've explained already to him how the EA works, but I believe I haven't done a very good job. So this is what I think it happens (again, assuming there is a single instance of his EA running), step-by-step, hopeful more traders will read and understand:

  1. at every tick, our EA counts the trades on the chart
  2. IF there is an opened trade AND doesn't have a pending hedging order, THAN the EA sends one pending order to the broker's server
That's is. When next tick moves the price, it repeats 1&2:

  1. the EA counts the trades on the chart
  2. since now there is a hedging pending order on the chart, the EA does nothing
I repeat: as long as there is a second pending order, opposite than the first one, with a higher lotsize (depending on the EA's settings), the EA won't do anything else. Its job is done. It's a simple IT THIS >> THAN THAT line of code.

Now, this is what I think it happens right after the EA sends one pending order to the broker's server: the broker simply delays its execution. I have no idea how/why this is done. But it is the only thing I can think of. Basically:

  1. the EA sends the order command
  2. the broker receives it but doesn't execute it right away
  3. on the next tick the EA checks and sees that there's still no pending order, so it sends another command
  4. suddenly and magically the broker decides to trigger both orders - from the screenshots I've received, it is a small time delay between these 2 trades, so this would make sense.


Not with an honest reliable broker, at least.

If you have similar issues with other EAs, from other providers, I strongly advice you to change your broker. I cannot really point to the best broker, after all none of them are 100% good - think that they want your money, after all. But you can always try on demo, then trade small lotsize to check whether the broker behaves normally.

Friday, May 10, 2019

How to install and use MetaTrader Expert Advisors & Indicators [RobotFX]

This video should explain a lot of HOW TO questions regarding RobotFX. It's been added to our products video playlists already. Just in case someone misses it there, here it is again.

Do you have a RobotFX EA/indicator up and running and no issues whatsoever?

Then you most likely don't need to watch this video. Congrats, you've just saved 20 minutes of your life :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

USDCAD +40 pips

Gonna let this one run. There is a SL, so the pending hedging order is useless right now. Anyhow, will let it see what Fluid does.
Normally one would close it, because it looks like it's about to bounce from the previous levels of support/resistance. but I'm greedy :)
Fluid EA
eventually closed by the Fluid Ea at 38 pips, when the signal MA changed color

Saturday, April 13, 2019

AUDUSD 30 pips

Only 30 pips trading with the trend on this renko chart.
AUDUSD 30 pips
Trade by RobotFX Fluid

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Easter SALE, 10% discount

RobotFX Easter SALE
We've delayed the Easter discount a few days, so now we'll have to extend it. So, the -10% refund will be offered for all sales done between 11 April until the end of the month (30 April). Please don't forget to ask for it, as it will not be automatically refunded. After the payment and the delivery of your RobotFX product, simply send us an email and ask for your 10% Easter refund.
The Easter discount does not work with the other discounts

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Make money advertising RobotFX products

You do not need to register in order to earn $$ from selling RobotFX products. You don't even need to trade or know anything about trading. Our affiliate system is simple and transparent and can be used by anyone.
By referring our products, both you (the referral) and the customer will make money.

 How the RobotFX affiliate system works

On the checkout page, before making the payment, the customer has to enter their details as seen in the picture below. FYI, the Trailing Stop EA costs 98$.
RobotFX affiliate system
Make money by selling RobotFX products
In this example, John Smith is the customer and he is purchasing the Trailing Stop EA from our website, following your affiliate advice. Therefore, he has entered your email next to the Referral section.


 How much money can I earn?

This depends on how many customers you will bring us, and so it can be from 0$ to an unlimited amount. Your cash award, based on each sale, will be 5% from the total price that the customer pays per transaction. That means that they can buy more than one product, and so your income will be higher.

 Why is this system working?

Simply because the customer will get a discount, too. Their discount will be awarded after the payment, as a refund, and it will worth 5% from the total price, just as much as your reward.
By using this simply affiliate system you both earn money, the referral and the customer as well.

 What if I didn't receive my 5% money?

Your reward will be sent as soon as we verify and cash in the payment. This shouldn't take more than a week. It is worth to mention that the customers will get their refund faster, because we will use the same payment method (PayPal). If, however, you feel that the payment should have been done already, don't hesitate to contact us.
Don't forget to instruct your customer/s to enter your referral email, otherwise none of you will get their 5% reward.

 How can I cash in my money?

We will send your money using Payoneer. Payoneer is a well-known and trusted online payment system, and to be able to send you the reward we will only need your Payoneer email, that must be the same as the referral email filled by the customer.

 How to find customers for RobotFX products?

There are plenty methods to advertise something. Think about any of these options:
  • word of mouth
  • social media
  • blogs
  • forums
  • personal websites
  • article sites
  • email signatures
  • ...and so on
All you have to do is to explain the potential customers that they can get a 5% discount if they simply use your referral email at checkout. It can't be easier than that.
Spam or fake articles will damage our reputation, so please make sure that you don't use these in your advertising campaign, otherwise you might not get your reward.

In a nut-shell

  • Two-three days after the payment, John Smith will get a 5% refund on Paypal (Paypal could tax a small fee, so this can be 4.9$ minus a few cents)
  • One week later will get a 5% reward (4.9$) by Payoneer
  • RobotFX gets a new customer


Payoneer brags to reward every new customer with a 25$ bonus. If you don't have a Payoneer account, here's your chance to get 25$ for free.

Thank you for reading and hoping you will decide to become a RobotFX affiliate.