Tuesday, July 16, 2019

FX Forums

Gotta find it funny these forex forums where same old trading strategies are re-invented and re-posted online. Every time is yet another trader Joe (and I suspect the forums admins/mods) starting a very popular thread that, in time, fades away just to be replaced with the next one. I find this amusing.
FX Forums
It is also sad because I know that many of the forum members spend their lives chasing most of these 'money making' strategies, while never actually learning to trade and making money. They're stuck in this never ending chase for the holly grail.
A word of advice. It took me a year to learn how to trade profitably. This year I was doing nothing else but studying and trading demo and small accounts. I'm a slow learner so other people might need waaaaay less than a year. Anyway, my point is that you must start to learn one time. That, of course, if you also want to trade profitably.
...or, you can keep following topics such as "trading made simple", "thv", "thm" or whatever other fancy names trader Joes name their strategies of Forexfactory, Babypips etc.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Summer discount July - August

15 July - 15 August discount

Summer discount
Summer discount of 10% for each product/sale

  • applies to all sales between 15 July to 15 August
  • this discount, if requested, cannot be used with other discounts
  • the discount will be offered after the full payment has been done, as a 10% refund (minus minor Paypal taxes)
How to get:
  • purchase a RobotFX product (or more)
  • get your licensed EA/indicator
  • contact us and ask for your 10% refund

Friday, June 7, 2019

EURUSD 67 pips & USDCHF 41 pips Fluid EA

Two more trades done well by the Fluid EA, one on the EURUSD chart and the other one on the USDCHF chart. More than 100 pips altogether, although I wouldn't normally trade on the same or opposite pairs. It was a double bet.
EURUSD 67 pips & USDCHF 41 pips Fluid EA
How to trade with the trend
EURUSD 67 pips & USDCHF 41 pips Fluid EA
How to trade with the trend

USDCAD 107 pips (Fluid EA)

Trading with the trend on a renko USDCAD chart. Renko brick size 10 pips, EA used Fluid.
USDCAD 107 pips (Fluid EA)
How to trade with the trend

Thursday, June 6, 2019

EURUSD 40 pips (Fluid EA)

Got about 40 pips in this easy trade. EurUsd in in uptrend, so the Fluid EA entered a buy and closed it when the renko bar changed color again. A good example of how to trade with the trend.
Fluid EURUSD 40 pips
How to trade with the trend on renko charts

Sunday, June 2, 2019


We continue to upgrade our websites for speed, and work at robotfx.download is almost done. This is our first AMP friendly website. Visit it and let us know if everything functions properly.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

How to tell you have a dishonest or unprofessional broker?

I've had these email conversations with a client recently. He is using our Auto Recovery EA and told us that the expert advisor opened 2 hedging trades instead of one, as it is supposed to do. This is a singular case and at first I've blamed the use of a VPS. Obviously, if the EA is running on 2 machines (ie personal PC and VPS), they might both trade the same time. This might still be the case, as far as we know.
How to tell you have a dishonest or unprofessional broker?
How to tell you have a dishonest or unprofessional broker?
Anyway, I've explained already to him how the EA works, but I believe I haven't done a very good job. So this is what I think it happens (again, assuming there is a single instance of his EA running), step-by-step, hopeful more traders will read and understand:

  1. at every tick, our EA counts the trades on the chart
  2. IF there is an opened trade AND doesn't have a pending hedging order, THAN the EA sends one pending order to the broker's server
That's is. When next tick moves the price, it repeats 1&2:

  1. the EA counts the trades on the chart
  2. since now there is a hedging pending order on the chart, the EA does nothing
I repeat: as long as there is a second pending order, opposite than the first one, with a higher lotsize (depending on the EA's settings), the EA won't do anything else. Its job is done. It's a simple IT THIS >> THAN THAT line of code.

Now, this is what I think it happens right after the EA sends one pending order to the broker's server: the broker simply delays its execution. I have no idea how/why this is done. But it is the only thing I can think of. Basically:

  1. the EA sends the order command
  2. the broker receives it but doesn't execute it right away
  3. on the next tick the EA checks and sees that there's still no pending order, so it sends another command
  4. suddenly and magically the broker decides to trigger both orders - from the screenshots I've received, it is a small time delay between these 2 trades, so this would make sense.


Not with an honest reliable broker, at least.

If you have similar issues with other EAs, from other providers, I strongly advice you to change your broker. I cannot really point to the best broker, after all none of them are 100% good - think that they want your money, after all. But you can always try on demo, then trade small lotsize to check whether the broker behaves normally.

Friday, May 10, 2019

How to install and use MetaTrader Expert Advisors & Indicators [RobotFX]

This video should explain a lot of HOW TO questions regarding RobotFX. It's been added to our products video playlists already. Just in case someone misses it there, here it is again.

Do you have a RobotFX EA/indicator up and running and no issues whatsoever?

Then you most likely don't need to watch this video. Congrats, you've just saved 20 minutes of your life :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

USDCAD +40 pips

Gonna let this one run. There is a SL, so the pending hedging order is useless right now. Anyhow, will let it see what Fluid does.
Normally one would close it, because it looks like it's about to bounce from the previous levels of support/resistance. but I'm greedy :)
Fluid EA
eventually closed by the Fluid Ea at 38 pips, when the signal MA changed color

Saturday, April 13, 2019

AUDUSD 30 pips

Only 30 pips trading with the trend on this renko chart.
AUDUSD 30 pips
Trade by RobotFX Fluid